Sunday, February 17, 2008

Triad of Bill J. Ward Websites - "We need a gathering instead"

As "hits" to a website/blog seem be a big deal these days, I am in the process of monitoring, via a VOLUNTEER SYSTEM, who visits each one of the three websites that make up the BWT. (Bill Ward Triad)

Here is how it works.

1) Each website of the BWT, this one,, and, have a GUESTBOOK, strickly for VOLUNTARY USE.

2) After you sign the guest book with EITHER your real name, or a screen-name of YOUR choice, then I will put you on a customized list of visitors.

3) The CUSTOMIZED part entails whether you have visited just one site, you have hit a double, or TRIPLE!

I appreciate all the folks for their agreeing to join the GATHERING.

"We need a gathering instead"

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Answers to February, Round 2 Quiz

This information segment is being typed on Saturday Afternoon, February 16, 2008. Tokyo Time.

The current answers to the 9 questions from the February Round 2 Quiz are available, upon request, from

If you think you have "game", meaning you know a bit about Baseball Trivia, or you would just like to join our Gathering, then please email your answers to

The scoring/ranking system is as follows:

Rookie questions 1 point aWARDed for each correct answer.
MVP questions 3 points aWARDed for each correct answer.
Hall of Famer questions 5 points aWARDed for each correct answer.
First person to send in their correct answer "bids" earns 1 extra point
Clever/Humorous/Sentimental comments/answers will earn points in a whimsical fashion/way.

Good Luck.

Gambatte Kudasai.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Family Matters - Blood Relatives Sign-in

This section is for folks directly related, through an optional/voluntary bloodtest, to William John Ward, OFI.

Note: OFI = Originally From Islington

You may know me as William John, Billy, The Pool King, Bill or Bill my Cousin.

Please comment here, or at the bare minimum, sign your name, so I know you have laid your eyes upon these words.

I thank you in advance.